Wholesale Dog Training Collar Automatic Anti Bark Control Citronella Spray Collars Waterproof Anti Pull Collar Pet Dogs Supplies

1.The spray bark arrester is flexible, compact and easy to use.
2.The receiver can be used normally when the dog drinks water or in rainy days. (IPX3 waterproof)
3.Automatic mode: automatic mode distinguishes dog barking and automatically sprays to stop the bark. The spray can be adjusted to be large or small, and the external sound and frequency have no interference to the product.
4.Adjust the sensitivity of the receiving system: the barking of big dogs and small dogs is different, and the modified machine is set to adjust the sensitive system. Adjust the receiving sensitivity to be high or adjust the receiving sensitivity to be low.
5.Rechargeable: The lithium battery can be recharged repeatedly, eliminating the need to replace the battery and reducing environmental pollution.
6.Spray bark stopper: It can be worn on the dog, and it can be used in a short time to achieve the effect, without long training.

Material: ABS
Size: 50*35*32mm
The strap is 70cm long (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3cm.)
Waterproof rating: IPX3
Suitable for: small and medium-sized dogs.

Package Included:Charging cable*1
Nylon belt*1
Anti Bark Collar*1

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